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Talent is the first element of enterprise development. We adhere to the talent strategy of "people oriented", attract talented people with competitive remuneration, develop talents with perfect training system and work space, and return talents with diversified channels of promotion and development Work together to create a professional, professional quality, performance excellence team.

The company is located in:

1, with the staff's personal interests and expertise for staff to develop personalized career development plan;

2, improve the business rules and regulations and training system, and guide staff to continue learning, rapid growth;

3, based on the personal development of employees, the establishment of professional, management and marketing multi-channel promotion development model;

4, for the sake of the staff's life, pay attention to the quality of staff and spirit of training, to give their loved ones love, strict teacher-like teaching so that the staff's personality can be improved, quality and skills to enhance and grow into a pillar of the country and society.

The company is located in:

Employing principles:

1. To keep money, to emotional people, to develop business people, good people

2. Work attitude: loyalty, sincerity, open minded, attentive, patient, ordinary heart; rest assured, caring, concerted, heart to heart;

3. Focus on assessment, employing talent

4. Not only academic ability, not only seniority achievement.

5. agree with the corporate culture, with Germany as the first;

Fashion: fulfill their duties, excellence; practical progress, vigorous and resolute;

Creed: not afraid to do it, I'm afraid I can not think of it; I do not want to do it, but I have to do it;

Life principle: benevolence, righteousness, courtesy, wisdom, faith, sincerity, respect, truth, kindness and beauty

Self-training program: reflect on the past, straighten out the relationship; face the reality, put the position; from scratch, to success