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Successful development on 14oz heavy copper PCB Date:【2018-01-05】 Read【8771】 【Back

Successful development on 14oz heavy copper PCB


July of 2016, the company received a requirements to produce a 14oz heavy copper PCB. A board that will use in new energy automobiles.


The board has the following production and technical difficulties after evaluation of our technical team:


1. Base material: only 6oz copper is available at the market, it needs self-lamination for 14oz copper.

2. Drill: 14oz copper cause serious damage to drill bit, large heat release make easy break to drill bit. Thus, new parameters of drill need to retest.

3. Trace: no support on the standard of trace compensation, need retest to output the compensation parameter.

4. Etch: the base copper is min 13oz, need to each N times, it obviously can’t reach requirements if using the standard tin coating as etching resist. It will result of weak etch and damage trace.

5. Soldermask: standard solder mask ink can only reach the voltage by 800V, it can reach 1000V by print thicker ink. We need to find the new material to replace the traditional solder mask. This material must have great insulation performance and can work with lamination on high temperature and stand the shock of lead free HAL.


6. Setup the R&D Team, make production proposals and process control, through these measures, the board send to customer for final test by end of Augest. 3 days later, the customer inspect and test the board and report that it fully meet the requirements and plan to start the batch production. With strict laboratory test, each data of this board is: voltage DC 4300V, customer require ≥4000V; inductance 0.05μH; Finished copper 14oz; Tolerance of thickness: +/-0.03mm; tolerance of trace width: +/-0.03mm; tolerance of outline is +/-0.08mm, all datas meet with customer’s requirements.