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Kim Paishen PCBA Division existing plant 4800 square meters, about 300 employees.
Under the two factories, respectively, carrying the communication module and model small batch manufacturing business positioning.






Communication module factory: focus on communication module products and modules manufacturing, such as: vehicle modules, Internet of things terminal, linear broadcast and wireless card and other products. The factory provides SMT (SMT), testing, assembly, packaging and other services, with a number of Siemens high-speed placement machine and Agilent, R / S and other precision measuring instrument. Has a number of SMT, testing, maintenance senior engineer.







Model small batch factory: focus on non-consumer areas of small sample PCBA manufacturing, such as: communication base stations, industrial, medical, military and other industries. (FUJI), Yamaha (YAMAHA) placement machine, Jin extension with / lead-free 10 temperature zone reflow furnace, with / lead-free peak, the company has a patch, plug, hand welding, testing, maintenance, assembly and packaging services, Welding and other production equipment. There are fully automatic PCBA washing machine and X-RAY, AOI, BGA rework equipment, complete range, to meet the various needs of customers personalized.


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