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SLP WILL SOON BECOME A BATTLEGROUND Date:【2018-01-05】 Read【2581】 【Back

  As the PC, NB, mobile phones and other consumer electronics products hot, PCB industry this year has been a great development. However, mobile phones and other equipment in the replacement, the requirements of the PCB is also upgrading requirements, especially Apple, the update speed, the need for PCB factory to respond well.




        The market has been rumored that Apple is seeking to replace the existing HDI (high-density circuit board) "class carrier" technology to comply with smart phones using SIP (system-level package) trend.




        The upcoming iPhone 8 is expected to be equipped with a soft OLED screen, a dual lens, a glass case, and a power module that supports fast charging, wireless charging, and large capacity batteries, while the main reason for the reduction in thickness is OLED screen and PCB area reduction (SLP) to provide the space required for the dual lens.




        With the increase in the number of SIP-mounted components and other features to achieve, more than the ultimate load of HDI, Apple hopes to further introduce "class carrier" material applications.



        Class board is still a PCB model, but the process is closer to the semiconductor specifications. HDI line spacing of about 50μm / 50μm, while the SLP specifications are 30μm / 30μm, more detailed, smaller area, you can set aside more space, but SLP in the manufacturing process, raw materials, design programs are also Not conclusive.




        Apple upgrade, other mobile phone manufacturers will certainly be updated, the major PCB manufacturers have responded, such as Kim Paisawa, etc., and actively into the production line planning, production equipment to make adjustments, new equipment and processes. It is expected that next year, the board carrier for the military battleground, PCB industry has ushered in a new round of development.