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 CCL is the basic material required for PCB production, and glass cloth is one of the important architectural materials of CCL. Glass cloth is made of glass fiber woven fabric, with insulation, insulation, corrosion resistance, no combustion, high temperature, high strength and other properties, glass fiber compared to organic fibers, has many advantages, such as high tensile strength, high elasticity , Small water absorption, good heat resistance, good transparency, good processing, can be made into shares, beams, carpets, weaving and other products of different forms, and so on. Because of its high quality characteristics, so that in the manufacture of CCL, played a very important role.


        The late fifties, China's glass fiber industry began to develop, sixty years to build an independent industrial system. At that time, the former Soviet Union glass fiber production technology, the use of stone emulsion infiltrating agent, the production of alkali-free glass fiber, glass fiber reinforced plastic, the main products are electrical insulation laminated cloth for military support services. Until the mid-sixties, it gradually turned to civilian.



        E-glass fiber is used for electrical insulation, because it has a series of excellent characteristics, combined with the resin made of composite materials, with a high tensile strength. These excellent properties make E-glass fiber cloth gradually replace a large number of cotton and linen, silk fabrics and insulating paper and a series of materials, the development of insulation materials essential to the basic material.