LASER CUTTING TECHNOLOGY Date:【2018-01-05】 Read【1772】 【Back

The use of carbon dioxide laser to dot-punched way to achieve the effect of cutting; can achieve high-precision, high-speed, high-quality material cutting, eliminating the traditional mechanical milling shape complex process.
A. Machinable complex and tedious patterns, high dimensional accuracy.
B. depth can be controlled.
C. Machinable rigid material.
Application scope
PTFE board shape cutting, flexible board cover film cutting, rigid plate exposed cover, flexible board shape cutting.
capacity of ability
F4BM, TLY, TLX, TLC and other series of core board; or filler for the PTFE + glass cloth material, control deep milling step groove and so on.
PTFE shape cutting

Conventional milling of PTFE material 


Laser cutting method milling PTFE material effect