Aluminum-based sandwich multi-layer printed circuit board, embedded aluminum and multi-layer PCB board organic combination.
1, features and features
High thermal conductivity and blind buried hole high-density design in one, can achieve metal substrate double-sided placement, while effectively solve the high-power components or components due to too much concentration caused by the heat problem, in the LED, high thermal electronic equipment , High-power power modules and other fields widely used.
2, technical background
With the continuous development of LED market, metal aluminum PCB board more and more demand, accompanied by the development trend of high-density electronic technology, the traditional single-sided aluminum plate or single-sided component placement has been difficult to meet market demand, It is imperative to develop high-density interconnection aluminum-based sandwich PCB manufacturing technology that can meet double-sided placement.

3, the application areas



4, the core technology
Aluminum concentric round vacuum pressure glue technology, aluminum-based surface composite processing technology, aluminum-based sandwich edge sealing process
5, patented technology
A method for processing multi-layer aluminum-based sandwich PCB (invention patent)

6, vacuum pressure plastic technology 



Aluminum concentric pressure after the effect

7, aluminum-based sandwich drilling quality  



8, aluminum-based sandwich cross-section effect 



9, aluminum-based sandwich processing capacity



10, market prospects
Metal substrate due to its good heat dissipation and dimensional stability, more and more by the industry's attention and attention, especially the aluminum-based sandwich manufacturing technology for the successful development of metal substrates for double-sided placement and high-density interconnect Technology platform, its application areas will become more and more widely.