WIFI OPTOELECTRONIC MODULE Date:【2018-01-05】 Read【1786】 【Back

1, the application of products:
WIFI optoelectronic module
2, the product background:
The photoelectric module provides high-definition electronic whiteboard, micro-cast and other products of the WIFI photoelectric module design, supply chain, PCBA manufacturing and testing services.
3, technical problems:
Supports 802.11b / g / n wireless standards
Support TCP / IP / UDP network protocol stack
Support UART / GPIO / Ethernet data communication interface
Support wireless work in STA / AP / AP + STA mode
Supports routing / bridging mode network architecture
Supports up to 32 TCP connections
Optional built-in onboard or external antenna
Provide AT + instruction set configuration
Provide a friendly Web configuration page
Supports heartbeat signals, WIFI connection instructions
Support serial free / automatic framing function
Support Smart Link smart terminal configuration application
3.3V single power supply
Ultra-small size: 25 x 40mm
The product is certified by FCC / CE / Telec
Flexible software platform, providing customized services
Support factory parameter customization settings
4, product display: