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Production equipment
         Jin Baize from 1997 onwards, has been focused on the model, small and medium quantities of PCB rapid manufacturing services, with small quantities, multi-batch flexible production system, to achieve the monthly production code 10000 balance to meet customer high, medium and low-end and special product needs , Can be completed 24 hours double-sided processing, 2-4 days to complete multi-layer processing.







        Jin Baize has a professional quality management team, the implementation of pre-planning, prevention, monitoring, after the improvement, standardization and other comprehensive quality management, and has a sound testing equipment, the parameters and quality of the entire process of monitoring.







        The company has passed IS09001 (2008), IS014001 (2004), OHSAS18000 (2001), TS16949, military system, CQC certification, and made the United States UL product certification.



Process capability













Allegro order cycle