Buried core multi-layer printed circuit board, core embedded technology and multi-layer blind buried hole design of the organic combination.
1, features and features
(≥4oz) blind buried hole design in one, can greatly reduce the size of printed circuit board processing to meet the miniaturization of electronic products design, high density requirements, in the power module and other fields widely used The
(Note: the above as an overview, whether the structure left and right)
2, technical background
Power supply module is an important part of power products, with the rapid development of power products, power modules high density, miniaturization of the increasingly obvious trend. Current power module In the surface mount device, the inductance component of the PCB surface area of the largest (about 50% of the surface area) so the inductance component is one of the bottlenecks of power products miniaturization. If the inductance (including magnetic core) embedded in the PCB, will significantly reduce the PCB surface area, saving the area can be more reasonable layout of the other components for the power module of high density, miniaturization to provide a good solution.
3, the application areas

4, the core technology
Core concentric vacuum pressure glue technology, buried magnetic core laminated positioning technology, core material drilling technology


5, buried magnetic core structure



6, buried magnetic core market prospects
The core embedded in the PCB, through the blind hole conduction inductance coil to achieve the function, can further reduce the size of PCB processing; this new embedded design is an important way to miniaturization of power modules, but also the future of technology Development trend, so buried magnetic core printed