EMBEDDED TECHNOLOGY Date:【2018-01-05】 Read【1885】 【Back

In the PCB board embedded or embedded in other objects of the technology, mainly in the inner embedded electronic components, electronic materials, metal blocks and embedded in other materials PCB board.
A. Board can be embedded in the board device to reduce the board surface patch parts, can reduce the board area, so that the board miniaturization.
B. Embedded devices can reduce the transmission of the signal through the process to reduce the loss of signal transmission, interference.
C. Special materials can be buried locally, reduce the amount of special materials, reduce processing costs.
D. embedded metal block can increase the cooling capacity of the board, the design choice more diverse.
Application scope
There are cooling requirements of products, miniaturization of products, signal transmission requires strict products.
capacity of ability
Embedded copper blocks, aluminum; buried components, buried capacitance materials, buried PCB board, and so on.
Embedded in the PCB board capacitance, resistance components, reduce the entire board area.