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PCB INDUSTRY "ENVIRONMENTAL STORM" Date:【2018-01-05】 Read【2443】 【Back

  Environmental protection has become an important criterion in life, production is to strictly follow, "green development, recycling, low-carbon development" is the principle of China's industrial development, PCB industry is no exception. In recent years, the government on the PCB industry, strict supervision, proposed to transform and enhance the traditional production capacity, improve environmental protection, quality, safety standards and process level.

        Recently, the largest domestic PCB production base, the Pearl River Delta region, suffered "environmental storm"! As of last week, only one city in Foshan City, sent hundreds of thousands of environmental law enforcement officers, shutting down nearly 1,000 enterprises. To meet the PCB industry's environmental requirements, while reducing production costs and improve the competitiveness of enterprises, the industry's demand for cleaner production, waste management more and more ardent.




        PCB production dozens of processes, what substances will be harmful to the link?

        1. copper

        PCB is in the CCL to remove excess copper and leave the circuit, waste copper will become the most important pollutants. The substrate needs copper plating, electroless copper plating with complex copper, which contains EDTA-Cu (sodium ethylenediamine tetraacetate), complex copper wastewater to cause some damage to the environment.

        2.Organic matter

        Circuit graphics, copper foil etching, circuit welding and other processes, the need for ink to cover the copper foil, after the completion of its return. These processes will produce high concentrations of organic matter, some COD up to 10 ~ 20g / L, these high concentrations of wastewater is the main source of wastewater.





        Some of the process in the etching solution containing ammonia, ammonium chloride, etc., they are the main source of ammonia, fish and other aquatic organisms will cause harm.

        4.Other contaminants

        PCB production process, the use of sulfuric acid, hydrochloric acid, nitric acid, sodium hydroxide, a variety of commercial liquid such as etching solution, chemical bath, electroplating solution, activating solution, prepreg and so on, which will produce acid, , Nickel, lead, tin, manganese, cyanide ions, fluoride and other pollutants!

There are problems, there must be a solution to the problem, then, PCB production, how to deal with these pollutants, to achieve green production? We will continue to discuss in the next article ...