VACUUM RESIN PLUG HOLE TECHNOLOGY Date:【2018-01-05】 Read【1838】 【Back

The resin plug is a technique that uses a resin to plug the hole that needs to be plugged. The conventional way of inserting a hole is to insert the resin into the hole using a conventional plug hole, but the conventional technique may appear that the hole is not full or Hole in the bubble problem, the quality and reliability of the product has a great impact, control more cumbersome and difficult, and our vacuum resin plug hole technology can completely solve the hole is not full hole and hole bubble problem.
A. The use of vacuum plug hole can be better off the air in the hole, the resin easier to enter the hole, you can fill the hole more fully and full. Improve product reliability.
B. No need to use screen printing, can better control the thickness of the board resin, reduce the number of resin removal board, reduce the deformation of the plate, improve product quality.
Application scope
A. mechanical blind buried hole plate hole, deep hole of the blind hole layer and buried hole layer filling.
B. Products that are developed to cope with the miniaturization of the product or the perforated product on the small pad.
capacity of ability



Case introduction
Through the hole on the production of welding pads to ensure that the quality of welding, vacuum hole full of no bubbles.